The purpose of this document is to clearly guide users on how to switch the language of the platform into English, Portuguese, or Spanish via their profile settings.

Scope / Limitations:

Each user can freely set their preferred language. It's important to note that administrators do not have the capability to modify language settings for other users.

The entire platform, with the exception of Buk Asistencia, has been translated into multiple languages. However, the language setting in Buk is not synchronized with the LMS. Therefore, users are required to adjust their language preferences in the LMS and make adjustments by clicking on the globe icon situated in the upper right-hand corner.

Text input by administrators or users will remain in the original language in which it was entered.. 

Process on the user’s Platform:

The user navigates to their profile, clicks on their name in the upper right corner, and opens "My Account” tab.

Next, the preferred language is chosen from English, Portuguese, or Spanish in the dropdown menu located beneath the user information. 

Country-Specific Considerations:

  • All countries: Legal terms are not translated and always remain in their original language.

Required Modules:

  • Base Plan: The People Management Module is essential.


Multilingual, Portuguese, English, Spanish, Internationalization

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