In the importers section you will find the importer for in-person courses. It allows you to import users' historical courses.

To find this section you should go to the sidebar >> In the importers section you will find the in-person courses importer. In this case, by clicking on this importer you will be able to load the historical courses of the users.

Clicking on the “In-person Courses” button will take you to the next tab.

Immediately we can see an example of a bulk upload, which simulates an upload with the 3 steps consolidated in an Excel file, which can be downloaded automatically by clicking on "Download example". 

Below are the 3 steps that need to be followed to correctly upload the information. 

Step 1: Create a course

This first step concerns the creation of in-person courses. You will need to download the form and fill in the details required. Then fill in the mandatory fields for each course and finally save it.

Remember that you must first create the facilitators and that the maximum number of courses is 3000.

In this case, it is indicated whether the field is mandatory or optional. The format of each field is indicated in the example file. It is essential that the formats are correct, otherwise the upload will not complete correctly.

If you wish to replace all the in-person courses created in the environment, click on Replace existing. If you select this option, the courses that will be loaded into the new spreadsheet will be the ones that will be registered.

To complete step 1, click on the  "Create Courses" button, which will become active if this step is loaded correctly.

Step 2: Create course offerings

In step 2, follow the same sequence as in step 1: first download the spreadsheet and then add the data. In step 2 it is important to remember that in order to create a course offering it must be linked to a course. This is done by entering the course code when creating the course offering. In the download file there are two sheets. The second one is the one with the course codes, so it will always be updated with the courses created in the previous step.

The example file shows you how to complete step 2 and the formats required for a successful upload. 

To complete step 2, click on Create Course Offerings.

Step 3: Upload participants

The purpose of step 3 is to assign participants to the course offerings created in this process. It replicates the operation of step 2, where you download the form and then in a sheet of the file you will find the code of the offering. By having a code you will be able to associate it with the users. In this file it will be indicated whether it is mandatory or optional. When you complete the form you must upload it and select "Assign participants". If there is an error, you will need to correct the form and reload it. If it loads correctly, click on the “Assign participants” button to complete the process. 

Remember, if you need assistance or have any questions you can contact us through our chat or email. We are happy to help you!

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