In the following article we will guide you on how to create a BukForm survey.

This is an independent module, where you can create “free” surveys and evaluations, which will not be associated with courses. As an independent module, you will find here reports, configurations and enrollments in one place.


In this sub-module you can create “free” surveys for your employees. To access, you should follow the path BUKFORMS >> SURVEY

When you access this section, you will find the list of all the surveys created. They can be edited, deleted, and a new survey can be created.

To create a new survey, you may complete the required information:

  • Name Choose one that you can easily identify

  • Enable or disable: Write a header for the page 

  • Enter header: Inside the corresponding box

  • Add page: How you want the questions to be displayed and if you want them to appear on separate pages, please provide all the questions you need. 

  • Add question: Select the type of question you need to complete your instrument, according to the available options.

Add question: There are several types of questions that can be included in the survey.

  • Checkbox: Questions with multiple options where more than one can be selected (checklist) 

  • Date: To display a calendar and be able to select a specific date 

  • Drop-down menu: Question with several list-type answers, where you have to choose only one option

  • Upload file: Upload a file/image external to the question

  • Multiple Choice: Question with multiple choice, where only one can be chosen 

  • Paragraph: Allows you to make a statement, give instructions, or provide information to the person responding to the survey.

  • Multiple scale: Allows to ask linear questions based on a specific topic, such as 5 scored questions related to the assessment of the facilitator

  • Linear scale: It allows scoring a question on a specific scale. E.g. from 1 to 10 (you can change the value but the report will always be from 1 to 10), being 1 very dissatisfied and 10 very satisfied.

  • Open text: Allows you to ask open-ended questions to participants where they can provide qualitative responses.

  • Time: To insert a time

  • Title: To insert a title

Within each of these questions you can edit (name, alternatives, format and transform the question into a mandatory one), add an image, delete or copy the question for reproduction.

It is important to SAVE CHANGES in order to see them on the platform.

You will be able to perform a bulk question upload by clicking on the "Bulk Upload" button (see image).

When you click on the button, instructions will be displayed on how to perform the bulk upload, along with the option to download a blank template with the required format (click on "here" in the instructions).

Once the information is completed in the template, you will need to upload the file for the bulk upload to be processed and the questions to be displayed in the survey. At the end, click on create and edit, in order to see the changes on the platform.

Once the survey has been created, the tabs for "participants", "dates and emails" and "Report" will be automatically displayed and can be configured (see image).

  • Participants: In this tab you can upload or enroll the employees who will have to answer the survey. They can be enrolled in the following ways:

  • Bulk or individual upload: to perform the upload, click on the "bulk upload" button, then a tab with a text box will be displayed, where you should enter one by one the employees' identification number, in list a format, without dots, with hyphen and verification digit (see image).

  • Dates and emails: In this tab, you will configure the opening and closing dates of the survey, as well as the emails that will be sent to the participants:

  • Opening date: Day and time when the survey will be opened.

  • Closing date: Day and time when the survey will be closed.

  • Allow anonymous responses: Select "yes" or "no".

  • Emails for participants: You can configure the "subject" and "body" of the emails that will be sent to the employees, both for notifications and reminders.

Once the changes have been made, it is important to save them in order to see the changes on the platform.

  • Report: In this tab you can obtain the report of the answers obtained in the survey, which will be displayed in graphs and can be downloaded in Excel or PDF format.

Remember, if you need assistance or have any questions you can contact us through our chat or email. We are happy to help you!

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