In the following article we will guide you on how to create a learning program from an existing one.

The learning program is a tool that allows grouping E-learning courses to address specific topics or objectives for the employee’s learning. Depending on the required characteristics, these courses may have certain prerequisites when defining the learning process.

To create a learning program, go to Learning Programs in the side menu bar.

Once you enter this section, click on Add new, and in this section you can choose to add a new program or start from an existing program (this second option allows you to replicate a program that has been previously created, including the courses, cover image, and start and end dates configuration.).

When selecting "Start from an existing program," you need to complete the Program Details information:

  • Program Cover Image: You need to upload a cover image for the learning program. It is recommended that the image has a minimum resolution of 1920x1080 and does not exceed 600 KB in size.

  • Learning program name Ideally it should be a name related to the content or objective of the program.

  • Learning Program description: Write a description of the program or its objectives. This description will be visible to employees enrolled in the program. 

  • Add start date: Select the date from which the program will be available. This date is optional.

  • Add end date: Select the date until which the program will be available. This date is optional.

Click Next to proceed, the Content and Properties interface will appear.

When you click on the big blue rectangle, the available courses will be displayed. These courses must be previously created. 

Now you can select the courses you want to include in the program:

  • Select the courses to add to the program. 

  • Search for a course: If you have a long list of courses on the platform and can't find a specific course on the main view, you can use the  Search for a course option. Simply enter the course name, and when the course appears, click on the image to select it. 

Once you have selected the courses you wish to add, press Select. 

Additionally, it is possible to select the courses that are prerequisites for the course that precedes them from left to right. You can drag them to change their order. 

By enabling this option, it is conditional that the course on the left must be completed before the one on the right, this means, in the order set in the learning program. 


It is important to click Finish.

Once the learning program configuration is finished, the general view of the course will be displayed.

Here you can see certain data of the learning program, and certain functions can be managed from this interface, such as Manage content and Load participants.

In the Information tab: You can view the information set when creating the learning program. You will be able to change whatever you consider necessary:

  • Learning Program Image: Cover image of the learning program that will be displayed in the catalog. 

  • Name Choose a name that you can easily identify

  • Learning Program description: Brief description of the learning program or its objectives.

  • Add start date: Select the date from which the program will be available.

  • Add end date: Select the date until which the program will be available. 

To finish, click on Save changes. 

Content: Here you can view the courses that have been added to the learning program and make some modifications such as enabling or disabling prerequisites, changing the order of courses, and adding more courses to the learning program.

It is important to click on Save Changes. 

You will also be able to:

  • Enable or disable Complete Courses in Order: Courses will be completed according to the established order.

  • Remove all prerequisites: Any prerequisites for each course are eliminated 

  • Activate prerequisites: Require completing a course before being able to access another

  • Move course: You will be able to rearrange the order of courses within the learning program to prioritize them

  • Delete course: You can remove a course from the learning program 

  • Add: You will be able to add more courses to the learning program

To save the changes click on Save Changes. 

Participants: Click on the participants' icon

By selecting "Participants" you will be able to load the participants who will have to take the course on a mandatory or optional basis directly from the interface.

To enroll mandatory participants you may click on Import mandatory participants. 

Then, enter or paste the identifiers of the employees you want to enroll in the learning program. 

Maintain the identifier format based on the associated country of the employee. Example: Chile = Rut 12345678-9

Once all the identifiers of the employees have been entered, click on Upload.  

Important: You can also remove participants by clicking on  Bulk deletion.

*Remember that the users to be enrolled must be loaded in the data center.

Rules: Enrollment by rules utilizes custom fields and categories along with their respective predefined options set in the general configuration menu. 

For example, if you want to enroll all employees from a specific department, this function is ideal as you don't need to list the identifiers one by one.

  • Add new: Field or category

  • Select a category - select an option

  • Delete a field: Selecting the "trash can" icon

To finish, click on Save.

Participants uploaded in the "Optional" tab are not obligated to complete the course.

The steps to perform the import are the same as in the previous step.

Important: Rules can be configured in the same way as in the previous step for Mandatory participants.

Email format: 

To access this configuration you may go to Email format.

  • Enable or disable the sending of base emails and reminders.
    Important: Base emails will be sent on the date and time set as start date in "Access Rules", while reminders will be sent only to registered participants who have NOT completed the course, every two days, up to a maximum of 5 times. (in case you want to send more messages, you can do it in "bulk messages"). 

  • Review and change base and reminder emails

Create and edit. 


To access the configuration for this aspect of the learning program, go to Gamification. 

Once inside, you can enable the Milestone feature and configure the amount of experience points it will award.

Remember to click on Create and edit once the configuration is ready.

Remember, if you need assistance or have any questions you can contact us through our chat or email. We are happy to help you!

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