In this article we will guide you on how to upload files to the Supplementary Material sub-module.


In this section, you can upload files to the supplementary material submodule, which will serve as support for employees and will be visible to everyone without the need for prior assignment or registration; it functions as a public library. To access this section you may follow this path DATA CENTER>>> MULTIMEDIA>>> SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL (see image)

To upload new files, click on "ADD NEW." 2 options will be displayed: "UPLOAD FILE" and "UPLOAD SCORM." Select the option according to the type of file you want to upload.

You should select the multimedia file you want to upload. It should be in MP4, PDF, JPG, PNG, JPEG, PPT, PPTX formats, and have a maximum size of 5GB per file. Once this is done, click on UPLOAD (see image).

For SCORM files, they should be in ZIP format, with a maximum size of 1GB per file (see images).

Once the upload is successful, the file will appear on the list automatically.

Remember, if you need assistance or have any questions you can contact us through our chat or email. We are happy to help you!